Stock Footage Sales May 2011

Growing Global Network
Sales are up 50% from last month, making May the most profitable month yet. Pond5 and Shutterstock both did great but iStockphoto had the worst month in over a year. Growing Global Network again topped the sales charts. It’s popularity is evident when you do a search on Shutterstock Footage with it coming up number one in many searches including; business, internet, travel and space.

Stock Footage Sales Bar Graph

Stock Footage Sales Bar Graph

We look forward to reading your comments and will gladly answer any questions you might have. Check back for monthly updates. If you would also like to Make Money Selling Stock Footage to follow is a list stock footage agencies to consider contributing to, I suggest starting with the top row.

Sell Stock Footage at iStockphotoSell Stock Footage at Pond5Sell Stock Footage at ShutterstockSell Stock Footage at RevostockSell Stock Footage at ClipCanvasSell Stock Footage at ClipDealerSell Stock Footage at FotoliaSell Stock Footage at MediastockSell Stock Footage at CanStockPhotoSell Stock Footage at AlwaysHD

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Last Updated: 15th June 2011

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  1. Still following your posts. I really like the effort your putting into illustrating the stock market from the seller standpoint. Great charts! If you ever want to join the ranks at let me know. 🙂

  2. Hello! you’ve created video Growing Global Network ? what program do ?, do you have in youtube lessons?

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