Aug 102011
Jellyfish Nightlights Stock Footage in The Darkest Hour FilmWe are very excited to see our work in the trailer for the film The Darkest Hour, directed by Chris Gorak. The story follows a group of kids in Russia struggling to survive an alien invasion.

Jellyfish Nightlights Assets and Jellyfish Nightlights were used to create 2 minutes of unique footage which is visible on several large displays in the nightclub scene at the beginning of the trailer.

We were approached by the production company who had seen Jellyfish Nightlights and asked if we could produce 2 minutes of similar footage in a very short period. With no time to build additional assets we decided to construct a 3D composite using assets on hand. Jellyfish Nightlights Assets contains looping jellyfish rendered from several angles. Using these assets we were able to build groups of swimming jellyfish, all with relatively correct perspective. Floating particles and depth of field were added to the composite to give a greater sense of depth and scale.

Besides the fact that The Darkest Hour contains some of our stock footage we’re still eagerly awaiting it’s release in December 2011. Check out the trailer in glorious HD!

We look forward to reading your comments and will gladly answer any questions you might have. If you would also like to Make Money Selling Stock Footage check out our article on the topic.