Jul 082012
Jellyfish Nightlights Stock Footage in James Bond Skyfall FilmJellyfish Nightlights Stock Footage in James Bond Skyfall FilmWe were ecstatic to discover that Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond film due for release late this year contains Jellyfish Nightlights, stock footage produced by Bass Visuals. It is visible in a handful of shots towards the end of the trailer.

Expectations are high for the films director Sam Mendes since this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film Dr. No (1962). Mendes is best known for American Beauty (1999) and Jarhead (2005).

We will definitely be making our way down to the cinema to check out Skyfall and see Jellyfish Nightlights on the big screen once again.

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  1. Does a big movie like Skyfall buy stock footage? And ,if so, how much do they doctor it? Or do they just use it as is? Thank you!

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Yes they did buy and use our Jellyfish Nightlights stock footage in the James Bond film Skyfall. They didn’t contract Bass Visuals to make it or purchase it from us directly so they must have purchased it through one of the stock footage agencies Bass Visuals contributes too.

      Skyfall isn’t out here yet so I can only comment on what I’ve seen in the trailer. To me it doesn’t look as though they have doctored it at all.